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SDCC: Notes from the Image Comics Show!

Image Comics had all sorts of announcements today at SDCC at their Image Comics Show panel.

The panel included David Baxter (Marksmen), John Layman (Chew), Scott Snyder (Severed), Nick Spencer (Morning Glories), Ben McCool (Pigs), and Tim Seeley (Hack/Slash)

See the recap after the jump.

Tim Seeley opened up the panel with slides of a new crossover in the third HACK/SLASH Annual called HATCHET/ SLASH which goes on sale in November. He spoke, “This is a lot of fun. Instead of chopping up a few people we’re going to chop up more than nine this time around.”

John Layman spoke briefly about the latest arc of CHEW and joked about the Comic-Con variant of the latest issue being sold out by this afternoon. He spoke about the end of the fourth volume and looking forward to writing the next 10 issues. Issue 20 features a cult of egg worshipers. Slides were shown of future issues of CHEW. Layman noted that an upcoming issue will feature a number of double-page spreads that will be a longer issue yet still retain it’s $2.99 cover price.
Issue #23 of CHEW features a cover titled MAJOR LEAGUE CHEW.

David Baxter spoke about his new title MARKSMEN being introduced to readers the week of Comic-Con. It features Navy SEALS in a post-apocalyptic setting. He described the book as a “What If” featuring San Diego as a backdrop. “It’s a lot like Logan’s Run.” Baxter added that MARKSMEN features a $1.00 cover price with a Comic-Con variant and that the convention center becomes a military base in the story.

Nick Spencer spoke on MORNING GLORIES and the upcoming third arc. He spoke, “We start answering questions about the school. We’re taking a look at the faculty and what exactly the purpose of the school is.” He introduced the MORNING GLORIES 2011 YEARBOOK as well. He noted that the YEARBOOK will also feature a number of extras.

Scott Snyder’s new project SEVERED was featured. Snyder described the project as “a slow-burn, building psychological horror story. I’m writing it with my best friend and it really came out of an interest in American history around World War I where things were kind of expanding very rapidly. You could become whoever you wanted in this newfound sense of mobility. It’s about the optimism and terror of that concept.” He described one of the scarier characters from the new project who is a salesmen who has a row of shark’s teeth.

Ben McCool spoke about his project, MEMOIR. He described the project’s premise about a small town in America waking up without their memories. “It’s a very Twilight Zone type of story,” he spoke, “and the trade will be released in color as opposed to the black and white series.” McCool added that the trade paperback would be out by the end of the year. McCool then introduced his first ongoing series called PIGS with Nate Cosby. It’s a story about a second generation terrorist cell infiltrating America.

Nate Cosby joined the panel to discuss the surprise artist for PIGS #5. Cosby spoke, “I found out Dave Gibbons follows me on Twitter and I asked if he’d do a cover and he said ‘yes’ so the DAVE GIBBONS is doing the cover to PIGS #5. We want this to be the most controversial book in the world and I think we’re at the right publisher for that.”

Sarah Delaine spoke about the buzz around Image Comics’ line of books including THE STRANGE TALENT OF LUTHER STRODE from Justin Jordan and Tradd Moore. “This is a book to look out for.” She also mentioned THE LAST OF THE GREATS from Josh Fialkov as well as XENOHOLICS from Joshua Williamson and Seth Damoose. She described XENOHOLICS as “a very funny book.”

Another preview was shown of a book called DANGER CLUB from Landry Walker and Eric Jones as well as a MACGYVER project from original series creator Lee David Zlotoff with Becky Cloonan and Tony Lee.

Next up is MONDO from Ted McKeever and it will be published in the Golden Age format.

Another project, PETER PANZERFAUST, from Kurtis J. Wiebe and Tyler Jenkins will be published by Shadowline.

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