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Oh sure, they seem like friends now…

In the animal world there is a plethora of feuds that go back eons.

For instance, you have the great fights of Cat vs Dog, Dolphin vs. Great White shark, Cobra vs Mongoose and the always epic  Mom vs the Flying Cockroach.

But monkeys hating on capybaras?

What did the world’s largest rodent (which basically spends its day immobile, spaced out in a marijuana-like trance) ever do to a monkey?

Insult its feces-throwing capability?

We might never know, but upon watching this video a new appreciation for the capybara will certainly arise, for the capybara can not only take a punch to the face like the toughest video game boss, it also transcends the violence and remains, as ever, calm and totally baked.

Video after the break.

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