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VIRGIL SINGS! ‘Battle for the Planet of the Apes’ Star Paul Williams Croons a Tune on Carson Circa 1973

If you didn’t grow up in the 70s you might not know who Paul Williams is, so let me lay some impressive facts on you.

As a successful songwriter, Mr. Williams penned some staggeringly popular hits that probably not only got him laid for the whole of the 70s, it also made him one of the few “Name” songwriters famous in their own right.

So what were these amazing tributes to love in the decade of brown? Here’s just a few:

An Old Fashioned Love Song (Three Dog Night), Rainy Days and Mondays, We’ve Only Just Begun (The Carpenters), Rainbow Connection (Kermit the Frog), Evergreen (Barbara Streisand and Kris Kristofferson) not to mention the theme to The Love Boat.

And did Mr. Williams stop there?

No, he also appeared in practically every television and movie bit part that I can remember from my youth to today (from Hawaii 5-0 to last year’s Rom-Com Valentine’s Day as the narrator-The dude is epic) simply because he is touched by the Pop Culture Gods.

And yes, the following video is of him, in full Virgil make-up, singing on Carson.

Which just goes to show that awesomeness cannot be contained by an ape suit.

Video after the break.

Source: Coilhouse



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