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The Nye Incidents is now set to be adapted into a full feature film from comic book writer and screenwriter Stuart Paul.

THR reports that Paul has be hired on to adapt the comic books created by author Whitley Strieber. The project is set up at RKO, with Todd Lincoln attached to direct. Lincoln is also producing with Daniel Alter.

The story of the comic books centers around a medical examiner who has seen everything. She looses her trust in logic and rationality when she sees a brutal murder of a supposed alien abductee. She is forced to chase a serial killer who may or may not be human.

While Paul is pretty much brand new when it comes to the comic book world, he did write the six-issue mini-series Ides of Blood last year. That happened to be a vampire story set in a Roman Empire type time for Wildstorm/DC.

He has also recently sold his spec script Terminal Point to Strike Entertainment who are currently working on the remake of the horror film The Thing.

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