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There have already been a few adaptations of Isaac Asimov’s work, now 20th Century Fox wants to adapt The Caves of Steel into a feature film.

According to Deadline, 20th Century Fox is working on the live-action adaptation set to be directed by Henry Hobson with John Scott III signed on to adapt the murder mystery from the 1954 novel.

The Caves of Steel is a murder mystery that takes place a thousand years in the future on an Earth that is overpopulated and there is a phobia of robots. Robots are banned on Earth and are only used for labor on “spacer worlds” where only the rich live. Kind of like in Blade Runner.

The project is set to be produced by the writer of X-Men Simon Kinberg who is currently working on the Neill Blomkamp directed film Elysium. The writer Scott and director Hobson are working on pre-production of the film Maggie right now, which follows the transformation of a girl as she becomes a zombie after being infected.

Scott also builds command systems for NASA’s X-ray satellite when he is not writing. He works with the Chandra X-ray Observatory, which does cool things like take pictures of photons in deep space.

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