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MCFARLANE TOYS CELEBRATE the Tenth Anniversary of ‘Halo’

I would play “Halo” with my friends literally until the sun came up.  I never felt the same connection to the sequels that followed, but man, that first game is still one of my favorite time killers. 

And speaking of Halo, McFarlane Toys will be celebrating the tenth anniversary (seriously?) of the original game that has ended many relationships, with the new “Halo: Anniversary” line.

The line will span the entire game series and include individually carded figures along with 3 figure packs. 

The line will also mark a first for McFarlane, the first “build-a-figure” (you may remember the “Star Wars” line introduced the “build-a-droid” wave in 2008).

Below are some of the figures being sold and you can find many others right at McFarlane’s official site.

Toys ‘r Us has the individual figures for $15.99 while the Master Chief Evolution 3 pack will hit your account at $39.99

“Halo: Anniversary” is hitting shelves now.

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