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MY NEXT GIRLFRIEND: Heartbroken Guy Gives A Musical List of What Will Be Required For New Girlfriend…And She Better Not Mess With His Leonard Nimoy Autographs

He’s crying on the inside

Mikey had his heart stomped by his ex who did not enjoy his penchant for all things geeky and he has never really recovered from it (see his 1st video She Don’t Like Firefly after the break).

So, in order to find his next love interest, he has written a new song called My Next Girlfriend which lays out what he wants in a female companion (including coming to bed in Cosplay) that he hopes will provide him with a plethora of beauties who will live up to and thoroughly enjoy his Geekitude.

Good luck Mikey and here’s hoping you find that girl that has a “…mint in the box vagina”.

Videos after the break.

And here’s his original video:

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