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I try to stay from politics as my own viewpoints tend to lean to the left and well, I guess as a Hippy Gamer Geek, not everyone shares in my belief system (like the fact that I celebrate Life Day, Give thanks to Solid Snake for all that he has given us, and atone for all my sins committed in Portal 2 by fasting for one whole day).

Anyway, we are coming to that time in politics when all the best crazy comes floating to the surface from the candidates on both sides, and the responses from humorists make for some interesting internet fodder.

And, in the case of Michelle Bachmann, who told Matt Lauer that the HPV vaccine can potentially cause retardation in young girls (this comment comes from a woman Bachmann met who claims her daughter “contracted mental retardation after receiving the vaccine”) [City Pages] the funny is going to be incredible this political year.

So sit back, break out the Zoloft, and get ready for the next 14 months of mind-boggling insanity…because the following video from Funny or Die is only the beginning.

Source: Boing Boing

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