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TOMMY WISEAU’S WEB SHOW PREMIERES…And It’s Everything You Dreamed It Could Be

If you enjoy watching someone who has obviously never played a video game in his life learn the basics of Mortal Combat, then you will certainly explode with happiness over witnessing Tommy Wiseau hit random buttons repeatedly.

(Oh and his misogynistic attitude over being forced to play as a woman is particularly enthralling).

The premise of the show is this: Tommy gets abducted by an alien and instead of having his anus probed, his humanity is deciphered through his playing of video games (I guess the aliens had trouble tracking down The Angry Video Game Nerd) then he is sent back home to earth until the next episode.

The acting is as you would expect from Ole Tommy Boy and I’m not really sure what exactly the point of the show is, but as always it is entertaining to watch Wiseau try and make it through the English language (even though he claims to have grown up in New Orleans AND NOT EUROPE…HE DID NOT GROW UP IN EUROPE PEOPLE!).

After the break is the first episode and I promise you this, you will not be able to look away.

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