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WHAT TO GET THAT PERSON WHO HAS EVERYTHING: The We’ve Done Killed Osama Bin Laden Commerative Coin

You know, sometimes an object comes along that is so surreal, so incredibly weird, that to not report on it would make my soul ache.

And this is one of those objects: The Justice Coin

Featuring 24kt gold etchings of every damn painful 9/11 memory you can think of and, if you act now, you will also receive the briefing packet that Seal Team 6 used to hunt down and kill Bin Laden (because one should always have military operation plans on hand just in case).

What a wonderful gift to give Grandma this upcoming holiday season!

The best thing about this gold coin is that after you receive it in the mail you can then sell it to a jewelry store for cash and maybe go out to dinner and a movie with a loved one and enjoy yourself, instead of having a coin in your house representing a horrible time in America’s history and the subsequent military operation to assassinate the man behind the attacks (not that it wasn’t justified but who needs a collectible coin about it?).

I’m just saying.

Commercial for the Justice Coin after the break.

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