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JOHN CARPENTER’S THE THING: A Musical Celebration of Carnage and Horror

I think we’re alone now…it doesn’t seem to be anyone around

Most people know that John Carpenter has composed many of his own movie’s soundtracks (I mean, who could forget Halloween‘s haunting theme right?) but I occasionally wonder what it would be like if he went all out and made a musical.

And maybe he should start with his classic film The Thing.

It has everything that someone like me that loathes musicals would be willing to sit through: mutant aliens that rip open bodies like banana casings, blood, horror and a very tasty-looking Kurt Russell in a beard.

Personally, I would love to hear a haunting musical lament as Kurt Russell and Keith David sit together in the snow at the end of the movie and wait for death but maybe that’s just me.

After the break is a far more Sinatra-like version of The Thing which has it’s moments of fun as well…

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