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Do you have that new Nicholas Sparks book?

You know how you aren’t supposed to talk loudly in a libraries because you might bother someone who is looking up porn on one of the community computers?

Well, it got me thinking that libraries would be a very difficult place for a Wookie to hang out due to the fact that it appears impossible for them to whisper.

I mean, let’s say that a Wookie has to go to the library to research a term paper (I know, I know they could do that at home on their laptop, but let’s pretend shall we?) and he/she has to ask the librarian where he/she could find, say, books about Stormtroopers. Do you think that the Wookie would be able to keep his gargled roar down?


So, in a sense, libraries are discriminating against the Wookie for their inability to ask a question in a low tone of voice.

After the break is a short video that demonstrates my point exactly.

Damn libraries.

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