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A NOSTALGIC LOOK BACK AT A TIME WHEN PABST BLUE RIBBON WAS COOL TO DRINK…(snort) Whatever, But Patrick Swazye Is In the Commercial

This is what happens to you when you drink a lot of PBR

Pabst Blue Ribbon is the beer you drink when you have no money but you want something resembling alcohol in your belly.

Not once, when I have ordered PBR have I ever felt cool, desirable or attractive.

PBR reminds you, as you take that first horrifically bitter drink, that you are none of these things.

In fact, it might be for the best if you take your sub par drink of choice and go to a dark corner of the bar where you won’t be seen by the other patrons, thus ruining their night out on the town as they drink Rogue Dead Guy Ale.

But the following commercial shows that back during the disco era, PBR was the drink of choice for a young Patrick Swayze who liked a cold brew and a hot babe.

Which just goes to prove that the 70s were a complete waste of everyone’s time.

Commercial after the break.

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