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Occupy Wall Street is a wonderful celebration of the rights guaranteed to the citizens of this country by the Founding Fathers and I for one am grateful that we, the 99% who are down on the street voicing our dissent, are finally proclaiming in loud voices how pissed we are that government and big business are screwing us.

Now, that being said, the following video is from a self-proclaimed 1%’er who wants to show us poor people what he thinks of us though the use of Cristal champagne and some half-hearted chugging.

According to skippy62able ( I’m guessing that is not his real name) his response is to show, and I quote:

“People can OCCUPY WALL STREET but I OCCUPY $260 bottles of CRISTAL CHAMPAGNE because I can afford to piss away my money”

Thank you for the well thought out rebuttal Skippy.

Video after the break.

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