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Ren is six degrees of hot

Well, today is the day that Footloose is ruined forever for me.

The re-make is sure to crap on everything that I loved about the original movie and then rub it’s horrific re-make taint all over it.

Consider me thoroughly heartbroken.

Which is why I have decided to spend the evening dancing to songs that would certainly upset a small religious town hell-bent on banning the energizing beats that make my booty shake.

It’s my way of giving the finger to a movie that has the cast members of Dancing With the Stars in it.

After the break are a few of the tunes I will be shaking my tail feather to in order to honor the sacred memory that Kevin “Ren” Bacon instilled in my brain back in 1984.

Suck it Footloose 2011…suck it hard.

And, of course the one, the only:

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