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SING TO ME NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON! New Symphony of Science Video Explains The Importance of Space Exploration in Song

If you read my work then you know I have a huge geek crush on Science Sex God Neil deGrasse Tyson who is, next to Carl Sagan, my favorite smart guy (and who, I often wish to stalk whenever I am at the Hayden Planetarium).

But regardless of my wanton desires to bear hug Neil all night long, what makes this video so awesome is how passionate he is about going where no man/woman has gone before and why it is so darn important to resume our exploration of the galaxy (have you seen Star Trek: First Contact?).

And for the love of Orion, he does it in song via the auto-tune folks of MelodySheep.

What could be better…besides Neil completely nude and covered in stars on my living room floor?

Video after the break.

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