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STAN LEE Talks About His New MTV Comic THE SEEKERS

Stan Lee is working with MTV Geek to make a a new science fiction adventure series called The Seekers, and now he’s giving us some details about it.

In an interview with THR, the geek legend talked about his partnership with the new pop culture website and the upcoming digital comic that will launch in 2012. The comic uses a writer and illustrator that Lee chose from many that entered online.

The new comic is set tb be written by DevaShard screenwriter Heather Kenealy and illustrated by Stephen Green. The two were chosen after being voted on by fans and the ultimate decision from Lee. Lee also noted that the “many great entries that we received bore out my belief that there are countless talented people among our legion of fans.”

The idea behind the series was created originally by Lee and is about a group of aliens that are sent to different planets to find (or Seek) some sort of “failsafe type device.” Lee describes the story as a “spectacular adventure,” and says that it bridges time and space. Covering multiple time periods and planets the actual Seekers are divided about what to do with the device. While some want it to destroy the planet, others see the human race as “worth saving” and want to move the device before it can do some harm.

The project hasn’t actually started yet, but Lee does say that he will be going over the story as it’s written and looking and critiquing the artwork. He also said about a Hollywood adaptation that “it’s like anything else; if the books turn out as great as I hope they will, then a filmed version would be a no-brainer.”

To wrap it up, Lee gave these words of advice to new writers, “To be a great comic book writer, within that comic book story, you’ve got to be able to make your characters come alive. They’ve got to be interesting. Your dialog has to be fun to read and believable. It’s like the rules in writing any good novel or anything.”

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