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Tangled was a surprise hit both critically and commercially, making $500 million when all was said and done.

Before Disney can get out a proper sequel, they are keeping the characters fresh in the audiences mind with a new short titled Tangled Ever After.

The short will play before the reissue of Beauty & The Beast in 3D, which is set to open in theaters on January 13, 2012.

Both Nathan Greno and Byron Howard (directors of Tangled) are back and the short will pick up where Tangled left off. The story finds The Kingdom in a festive mood as everyone awaits the royal wedding of Repunzel and Flynn. However, Pascal and Maximus loose the rings and a fevered search gets underway to recover said rings. As the duo try to recover the rings before anyone finds out their missing, they leave behind a comical trail which includes flying lanterns, doves, a wine barrel barricade, and more.

Check out the poster:

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