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You know how millions of people every year tune into the Puppy Bowl during the half-time portion of the Super Bowl and then for some inexplicable reason never turn it back to the game because they become engrossed with the adorableness of the puppies?

(not that I have every done such a thing)

Well, this is very similar to that experience.

I must admit that while watching this particular video of puppies enjoying presents I apparently grinned widely and had a peaceful look on my face that, when my husband spied it from across the room, thought that I had had some kind of stroke (he is ill-prepared to see me looking at something that causes me joy) and it scared him greatly.

After I explained to him what I was watching he made the following comment:” You looked like a cross between The Joker and The Gentlemen from that Buffy episode (Hush). Warn me the next time you are watching something cute”.

Pure happiness can be a scary thing.

Adorable puppies after the break.

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