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EUREKA Christmas Special 2011 (REVIEW)

“Do You See What I See?”
Premieres Tuesday, Dec. 6th @ 8pm EST on SyFy

This Tuesday, December 6th on SyFy, the 2011 Christmas episode of Eureka will air, and I’m happy to report that it’s wonderful.

Once again, Sheriff Carter and the usual cast of characters find themselves overwhelmed by experimental technology gone awry. This time, the town and and it’s inhabitants are transformed into animated versions of themselves, with hilariously entertaining results. The show’s creators always seem to have the ability to take what is already a clever premise, and turn it up to eleven.

The secret sauce this time is the variety of animation styles that the characters are transformed into, and how each animation style actually affects the character’s abilities and limitations. From claymation to anime, and a few cheeky nods to Charles Schultz and Matt Groening, the episode is a wild ride that blends just the right amount of nostalgia and nerdy meta-humor.

It’s a fun, heartwarming treat for Eureka fans.

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