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Fox Picks up Sci-Fi Short ROSA

The short film Rosa will soon become a full feature film not that 20th Century Fox is in the final negotiations to pick up the title.

THR reports that the studio is keen on the short which hit the web in November. Creator Jesus Orellana, a comic book artist created the animated short to pitch a live action film which he wanted to direct. Things have turned out well for him and he will get to live his dream.

The animated short was created on a very low budget by Orellana on his home computer in Barcelona. Within a month of posting the short he had representation and was pitching the idea to multiple studios.

The story of rose is one about a cyborg deployed in a post-apocalyptic world where no natural exists. Born from mankind’s last attempt to restore Earth, the Kernel project, Rosa soon finds out that she is not alone and that she must fight to survive, something about her is different than the others though.

Orellana has a roadmap for the feature story, but a writer will be hired to create a script that builds on the short storyline and the characters in it.

Watch the short for yourself right here, I think it’s quite good.

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