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Puppy no like Christmas

Besides writing delicious posts for you people, I have another job which requires me to shill art supplies and talk to creative people all day who kiss my ass so they can have a show (I’m a galley coordinator for Blick Art Materials which makes me extremely desirable to landscape artists apparently).

I only explain this to you in order to make you understand what I am about to tell you next.

As a worker bee in retail hell I am forced to listen to Xmas music for 8-10 hours a day (from November to January 1st) thus causing internal and emotional pain which only the sweet, sweet nectar of Nyquil can temper.

And seeing that there are only two songs in the whole repertoire of Xmas music that radio stations seem to play (Last Christmas– which has something like 500 covers- and All I Want For Christmas Is You– which again, has 500 covers) I am coming unglued at the seams from mental fatigue.

And yes, I know that for some of you hearing Mariah Carey’s cover of All I Want For Christmas is a happy trip down holiday lane but I want you to understand something…It’s not and the following video is what happens to a person’s brain when they are forced to listen to this song 20 times a day.

And when I say it’s not pretty, it’s so totally not.

Video after the break.

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