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hilarious image by Vanity Fair

Hey Dads of the world,

Wishing your teen daughter didn’t pepper her room with posters of the “Bieb” or scream out his name in the middle of the night in what could only be from the climax of a nocturnal sex dream?

Chillax there hater, it could be worse.

Your whore of an offspring could be screaming out the name of the neighbor boy who is actually banging her or making a suicide pact with her best tween friend on who will entrap the “Bieb” into a paternity suit.

Loving the “Bieb” is all good.

But why listen to me when the boy of the hour is willing to talk Mano-a-mano to you after the break while shilling his perfume.

Trust me, he knows what he is talking about.

Source: Videogum

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