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ORCA VS. JAWS: SyFy Channel Take Note, Your Next Great Feature Has Been Written For You

One of the things that I have on my Bucket List is to watch Great White Sharks swim around the coast of South Africa while I am ensconced safely in a cage underwater.

If I was a braver person, I would even try to swim with them before they ripped my head off.

But let’s move on to the following video from  National Geographic (or as they are known by their hipper name: NatGeo) showing one of my beloved Great Whites getting murdered by a Killer Whale during a thrill kill.

The asshole whale was playing for a crowd of whale-watchers when the Great White was just passing through, not bothering anyone, and then WHAM! it was destroyed by Orca and devoured.

Oh sure, it was great for the witnesses to see but who is going to explain natural selection to the wife of the Great White who is now going to have to get a second job just to support the family?

Whale on shark violence is getting out of hand people and justice must be handed out!

(I think I miss Law & Order a bit too much)

Anyway, the video of the evil whale is after the break.

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