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I’ve been waiting for Joe Carnahan to live up to his potential even since I saw Narc, which I thought was the best film 2002. He followed it up with Smokin’ Aces and then The A-Team, not that either of those films were terrible, but they were sub-par to Narc… which is on a whole other level.

His most recent film The Grey will open in theaters and I’m looking forward to seeing it, good man vs. nature films are few and far between and the early reviews have been pretty stellar across the board.

The Playlist spoke with Carnahan about The Grey and also asked him about his upcoming projects and Carnahan stated, “I’ve waited so long to make ‘Pablo’ and now I have it kinda greenlit, it’s basically ready to go. We’re going to the casting phase.”

Carnahan has been trying to get Killing Pablo made for the better part of a decade. Based on the book of the same name by Mark Bowden (Black Hawk Down), the book focuses on the efforts of both the U.S. and Columbian military to hunt down Pablo Escobar.

A few years ago Javier Bardem was originally attached to play the title role, but now it looks like the long rumored Edgar Ramirez (Carlos, Che, The Bourne Ultimatum, Domino) may be at the top of the list. Carnahan talked about the casting: “Edgar’s in the conversation, but he’s not 100 percent. There’s a couple of other people in the conversation.”

If Pablo finally happens, Carnahan states that his follow up could be the long gestating film adaptation of James Elroy’s White Jazz, another project the director has been trying to get made for years. The book is set in the 1950’s and follows the story of a LAPD Lieutenant and occasional mob enforcer Dave Klein, who ends up being set up as bait in an FBI investigation into the corruption within the LAPD.

Even though Killing Pablo is very close to happening, Carnahan admitted: “If I had to have a #1, it’s ‘Pablo’. ‘Pablo’ will go first, absolutely. Unless ‘White Jazz’ lands because it’s LA and I could do it and sleep in my own bed at night. That might knock ‘Pablo’ out of the top spot.”

This is great news, both of these projects have always sounded great and now that they are both close to happening is radical indeed.

Check out the trailer for The Grey:

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