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Okay people so I know that summer feels about a million years from now but there is no excuse why you can’t be proactive and start planning some seriously Nerdy trips to take your disappointed family on.

Not when you have access to the most incredible site like Nerdy Day Trips that will let you pick from thousands of places in the world where a huge dork like yourself can be immersed in all things Nerd-related.

Take me for instance, I live in PA and have access to places like The Mutter Museum in Philly where I can see horrific medical deformities until my heart explodes with joy, The Museum of Sex in NYC or Insectroplois in Toms River, NJ where a collection of bugs is housed behind a pest control company.

Can you think of anything better in the world than packing a lunch and heading into NJ to look at bugs?

Me neither.

Source: Viva la Geek

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