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BUILD YOUR OWN TATTLE MONSTER And Start Bilking Your Kids Out of Their Hard-Earned Dough

Okay, so ultimately the way this works is that you build this monster and instead of the kids bothering you with “He hit me”, “She took my Barbie” or “Dad is drinking again”, they write down their tattles and then “feed” them to the monster so they don’t bother you (then, at a later time, you read the tattles and assign appropriate punishments).

But let’s get real here, unless one of your kids tells you that your other kid is building a nuclear bomb in the garage, who gives a shit. Am I right? Nothing a six-year old says matters (unless of course it’s about bodily harm or why your change is consistently missing from your underwear drawer) so instead of having the little units write down their problems on paper, have them write down their issues on the dollar bills that they stole from you and then shove them into the mouth of the Tattle Beast.

That way they’ll learn that tattling doesn’t pay and you can make a little extra green.

If you are interested in building your own reverse ATM machine click HERE.

I’m really good with this parenting advice.

Source: Craft Magazine

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