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Sony Picks Up BLOODSHOT Comic Book Movie

The Valiant Comics series Bloodshot is being made into a movie now that Sony has bought the script.

According to Deadline, the studio recently closed the deal to get the spec script from Jeff Wadlow. Valiant Entertainment is onboard as producer along with Original Film and Sony Pictures. The title has been around for 20 years now and is considered to be a cornerstone of the Valiant Universe.

The story is centered around Angelo Mortalli, a killer for the mob who is framed for a murder by the family. When he goes into Witness Protection he expects everything to be good but is instead betrayed by the agent that is supposed to be guarding him. Mortalli is then kidnapped and forced into an experiment where he is injected with nanites.

The microscopic computers then erase and rebuild his brain, giving him healing powers and superhuman strength. Using his new abilities he escapes and attempts to figure out who he was, he also kind of goes on a revenge rampage.

Matthew Vaughn has been rumored to be directing the project, but no papers have been signed yet. Writer Wadlow penned the script on spec for Valiant and Original Film simply because he loved the comic and wanted to see it be made into a film. Then the producing companies brought it to Sony and the deal was made.

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