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Tom Cruise is a star again or at least he’s looking to play one in A Star Is Born.

Deadline reports the actor is in talks with Clint Eastwood to be in the remake of the film with Warner Bros. He would be co-starring opposite Beyonce in the film about a washed up musician helping a younger musician become a star. It’s unsure if he will accept the role. He currently has two other films lined up.

In the film, Cruise’s older character helps to launch the start of Beyonce’s character’s career and successfully turns her into a star, he also happens to fall in love with her at the same time.

Cruise will star in Rock of Ages as an 80s rock icon and had to also do the singing that came along with playing the Axl Rose-like character. Beyonce’s recent pregnancy pushed the schedule back a bit, but she says she will be ready to shoot in June.

Cruise could possible be pushing Rock of Ages forward to fit more into his schedule. He starts filming Oblivion soon and will follow that up immediately with All You Need Is Kill.

Before Cruise’s name was being talked about other big name actors like Will Smith, Christian Bale, Russell Crow, and Eminem were being thrown around for the lead role.

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