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TRESPASSERS Is The Latest Graphic Novel To Movie Adaptation

Graphic novels are always being adapted and the supernatural story Trespassers is just the latest to be coming to the big screen.

Variety reports that Scott Hampton’s work is being adapted to a feature film by Back to the Future co-writer Bob Gale. Ryan E. Heppe will be producing the story about a group of debunkers that are their way to bust a famous allegedly haunted house. It turns out they were very wrong and soon find “demonic guardians, a gateway to hell and the fact that not all of them are exactly who they claim to be.”

Heppe talked about the project and said, “A good horror flick needs one thing: a simple, original premise that’s terrifying as hell.” He then added to that saying, “Add to that obvious franchise potential, and the opportunity to combine “found footage”-style scares with traditional filmmaking frights and you’ve got something really unique.”

Hampton is also the writer and artist of The Upturned Stone which is being set up at Dimension Films with David Foster, Shane Riches and Heppe producing. Heppe is currently working on a remake of Short Circuit, he also has feature versions of T.J. Hooker and V in the works.

Gale is known for writing Back to the Future. He co-wrote the first one, but wrote the two sequels by himself. He also wrote the second Tales From the Crypt and wrote and directed Interstate 60: Episodes from the Road.

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