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A sequel to Anchorman is on the way, and writer/director Adam McKay is talking a little bit about the follow-up for the greatest news anchor that never existed.

In an interview with Salon, McKay, the longtime writing partner of Will Farrell, talked about why it’s taken so long for a sequel, the relevance of Ron Burgundy, and what we might see in the sequel.

The main reason for the nine year gap between movies is the fact that the actors were all busy with other project that they wanted to do. They knew there was demand for a sequel but McKay said “the studios weren’t into it initially.” The studio low-balled them giving them a very small budget, and they “would have all be working for free to do it.”

For a long time they thought the project was dead, they had moved on and started looking at doing a Stepbrothers 2. Just when they thought it was a dead dream, the studio changed their mind and that is why we’ll have a sequel soon.

Ron Burgundy started as a parody of terrible/ yet amazing anchors that were just ridiculous enough to work. McKay notes that the news has become even more ridiculous and therefore Burgundy is now more relevant than ever.

As far as what we might see in the next film, McKay said hardly anything other than the phrase “custody battle” and “bowling for dollar.” The story is still being written but ideas are constantly being thought up.

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