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BOOK REPORT: Book News For The Week of April 1st

How to Make a Living as a Writer
Literary Agent Rachel Gardner has a popular blog where she doles out lots of useful advice to aspiring writers.  In her recent series, she explored the world of Making a Living as a Writer, dividing it into Volume, Variety, and Challenges.

Mistborn the Video Game 
Fans of bestselling author’s Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn TrilogyFinal Empire, Well of Ascension, and Hero of Ages — will be delighted to hear the forthcoming video game version of the series coming from Little Orbit, though they’ll be waiting awhile, as the planned release date is fall 2013.

Star Wars Scoundrels 
The good thing for those who just can’t get enough Star Wars is that there continue to be numerous books published within the universe each year, and Timothy Zahn has just released the latest cover in his next Star Wars novel, Scoundrels.

Harry Potter Ebooks 
Harry Potter fanatics will be delighted to hear that the Harry Potter series — all seven books — is now available on ebook, which can be purchased through the Pottermore site in the price range of $7.99 – $9.99.

25 Lies Writers Tell (And Start to Believe) 
Chuck Wendig reveals another one of his popular and fascinating lists, revealing 25 lies writers tell others in excuse for not writing; the problem is when they start to believe in it themselves.  As a writer myself, I can vouch that I’ve heard all these before, but remain strong in not falling prey to it.

Dear Science Fiction Writers: Stop Being so Pessimistic! 
Bestselling author Neal Stephenson has some strong words and stern advice for science fiction writers of the world, imploring them to write less about dystopian and post-apocalyptic worlds, and more about stories of hope and dreams of a better future.

Anticipated Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books for April 
Busy blogger John DeNardo, for Kirkus Review, presents a succinct list of some hot titles in the world of science fiction and fantasy that fans and readers should keep their eye out for in the month of April.

Patrick Rothfuss Interview 
In a recent interview between the Los Angeles Times and bestselling author Patrick Rothfuss (The Name of the Wind and Wise Man’s Fear), the author points out some important guidelines that fantasy writers should be following, avoiding the cliches and pitfalls of overdone subject matter like dragons, elves and dwarves.

James Patterson Interview 
In a rare and fascinating interview between The Wall Street Journal and uber-bestselling author James Patterson, he talks about his process for writing and story ideas, how it is that he has 13 books coming out in 2012, and how he feels about how other authors view him and his career.

Horror, Scifi & Fantasy Books for April
SFSignal presents their monthly roundup of the books in the genres of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror being released in the month of April, totaling at a 132 titles.

The Touchy Subject of the Arthur C. Clarke Awards
With the recent releasing of the nominations for the annual Arthur C. Clarke Awards, author of the popular Prestige, Christopher Priest, has had much to say on these nominations.  Naturally, it sparked some ire on the internet, and the likes of John Scalzi, Catheryn Valente, Jeff VanderMeer and Charles Stross (who was personally lambasted) all had something to say about it.

Seth Grahame-Smith’s Unholy Night
The writer of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter reimagines Three Wise Kings, aka the Magi, as thieves who are reluctantly forced to protect Mary and baby Jesus, with an epic action-adventure ensuing.  The book is coming April 10th and a feature film is already in development.

Charlie Kaufman Writes Debut Novel
The cult screenwriter of Adaptation, Being John Malkovich and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind will write his first novel.  The premise is being kept under wraps, but presumably will be a bit unusual.

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