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I don’t get the whole “Picture with the Easter Bunny” thing but hey, what ever gets you through this thing called life right? I mean if you feel comfortable sitting on the lap of a furry who’s covered in his own Cadbury cream then go right ahead, I’m not going to stop you, but do we have to commemorate your fetish in picture form that the rest of us have to look at?

 Beside the creep factor, there’s not one Easter Bunny costume that even comes close to looking like a real bunny and while that alone should raise the eyebrow of a four-year-old, perhaps you should take a look at the following Easter pictures so that you can understand why no one wants to receive one of these 5×7 glossies that you like to consider as a present.

Next time, just give us a gift card and skip the horror show that is “Picture with the Easter Bunny”.


 (pics after the break)


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