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Sabrina may have the powers of a witch, but now she may also be a superhero.

Deadline reports that the teenage witch will get a slightly different story whe going to Sony Pictures. The new live-action film will show a different origin story that will still show how she learned to deal with her “remarkable powers.”

The character first showed up in Archie Comics in the 60s and has since become the star of her own comic, animated TV show, movie, and live-action TV show. The new film would have her as a sort of superhero.

Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari will be writing the script. Mark Waters may be directing if it fits into his schedule. He gave the presentation that was given to Sony.

The studio is hoping that with the established brand, they can find a new actress for the little witch girl and possibly even turn it into a new teen franchise. The tone will be a little edgier than earlier projects, but will keep classic elements like her talking cat Salem who is actually a prince that was cursed.

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