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STAN LEE Talks About Seeing His Characters On The Big Screen

Stan Lee is a cool guy and the creator of some of the biggest comic book characters that have ever existed. Today we hear what he thinks about the film versions of his characters.

Talking to IamRogue, Lee said a little bit about the Avengers and the success of the films based on his creations. With reboots, sequels, and more adaptation on the way, he also talked a bit about his favorite characters and who he wants to see next.

We all know there will be a sequel for The Avengers, but who does Stan Lee want to see join the team? “Oh I’d be happy if they add the Black Panther and maybe Dr. Strange,” Lee said. “Those two and probably Ant-Man, which I think they are working on. Maybe I’ll play a little role in that.”

Ant-Man is indeed in the works right now, But what about his other characters that Marvel doesn’t have the film rights to? 20th Century Fox is hoping to reboot Fantastic Four and Daredevil. The two titles didn’t do terribly at the box office but they didn’t create a frenzy like Spider-Man, Thor, Iron Man, or even The Hulk. “I think it wouldn’t be a bad idea to reboot The FF, and Daredevil, those two. Because Daredevil didn’t do as well as I hoped it would. Yet I love the character so I would love to see him rebooted.”

Like most writers, he is still very proud of his work and the characters and stories he’s created. Talking about seeing his work adapted to movies he said, “I never imagined I’d see any of my characters become movies. But this was a logical thing to do. It was smart. I’m amazed that DC didn’t beat us to it with the Justice League. But you’ve got to hand it to Marvel.”

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