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UNKNOWN Director Jaume Collet-Serra Will Take on HERE THERE BE MONSTERS

Director Jaume Collet-Serra is going to be talking the helm of the Warner Bros pic that seems like it’s been in production forever, Here There Be Monsters
According to Vulture the director will be working on a script from Brian Helgeland which may have Bradley Cooper in the starring role. The project has already had two big name directors Robert Zemeckis and Brad Bird drop or pass on the project.

The story takes place after the Revolutionary War and follows John Paul Jones, a real life hero who was hired to investigate the mysterious disappearance of merchant ships. Giant squids are the culprit, and as he finds out, there be monsters in them waters.

With Collet-Serra at the helm of the project, Monsters is expected to have an early 2013 start which would see Cooper jumping straight from Hangover 3 to this new film.  Of course this is all provided that Cooper accepts the role. He won’t actually be formally offered the role until after the new director takes a look at the script and makes changes.

The Spanish director is also still on board the Dracula story Harker. The revisionist story told from the Scotland Yard point of view won’t shoot until 2014. He was also attached to do Akira, but that project has hit the shelve until new budget is approved by WB.

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