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I hate reality shows.

I say that from experience.  I’ve seen most of them at one time or another (usually because I sat down and left the remote on the other side of the room and can’t be bothered to stand up and retrieve it).

Worst of all are the Bachelor/Bachelorette ilk. 

Why on Earth would you put yourself in this situation?  We’re not even talking about a self-awareness that’s often apparent on VH-1’s I Love New York or The Flavor Of Love

These people are ignorant, self-involved, calculating and worst of all walking parodies.

Which makes the parody Burning Love both frighteningly accurate and brilliantly funny at the same time.

Directed by and starring Ken Marino and written by Erica Oyama, Burning Love focuses on fireman Mark Orlando (Marino), looking for love.

The cast is amazing, featuring Adam Scott, Ken Jeong, Kerri Kenney, Ryan Hansen, Malin Akerman, Kristen Bell, Ben Stiller, Christine Taylor, Mo Gaffney and Carla Gallo. Michael Ian Black co-stars as the series’ host, Bill.

Burning Love is a sharp, incredibly funny parody that launches on Yahoo! Screen June 4th.

For more details, visit the official site or Facebook page and be sure to follow Mark on Twitter!

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