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GEEKY CRAFT CORNER: Make A Princess Leia Headband

Wizard World in Philly is gearing up for tomorrow’s opening and you don’t want to be the only one walking around in civilian clothing do you?


Okay, so there’s no time to make a killer costume and all you have available to work with are a pair of white jeans and a tight white tee which makes your boobs look good.

So far so good.

To take this outfit from lame to super awesome amateur-hour all you need is a pair of cinnamon rolls on the side of your head and you’re done right?

Yes you are, and with this Princess Leia head band, not only are you going to look slightly less stupid, you’ll be able to make it in about an hour so you can go back to drinking Mountain Dew and playing Star Wars Kinect on the 360.

Just click HERE for the tutorial.

I totally just saved your ass.

Source: Geek Crafts

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