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35 years ago today my mom and dad sat in a darkened theater and watched Star Wars for the very first time.

Upon finishing, my dad drove back home, grabbed me (then a mere three-years-old) and drove back to the theater so that I could experience my very first movie in the most awesome way possible.

What I remember of that day is just bits and pieces: me holding my dad’s hand as we watched a huge spaceship cross the screen, giant sound filling my chest and, of course, being awestruck by the sheer enormity of the screen.

Most of the greatest movies I ever saw were with my dad (who passed away in 2004) and I will always appreciate the fact that even though I was a toddler in training pants, my dad wanted me to be there with him as we experienced this “Space Opera” together.

Thanks Pop for bringing me up as Geeky as you were.

After the break are a few videos (including the fan made Star Wars: Uncut) to get you started celebrating.

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