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Hey there Parents-Who-Have-A-Healthy-Star-Wars-Fanatasy-Life,

I just wanted to take a moment and ask you to take a long look at the above picture.

While it may look, at first glance, to simply be a photo of an adorable toddler wearing a Darth Vader mask, you might want to ask yourself the following question:

“Is this a reasonable thing to do to a diaper-clad child strapped into a car-seat?” 

 Because, I’m thinking, it is not.

Number one: The child is strapped against its will into a chair.

Number two: A large, ill-fitting, helmet is placed upon its head whereby everything goes dark and the child begins to freak out.

Number three: The child, beginning to cry, hears its own voice change into a deep and scary voice (via the voice modulator) and the first wave of emotional scarring begins.

Number four: The child hears its parents and they are laughing.

Number five: The child passes out from fear.

See, your love of Star Wars has traumatized your child and now they will only associate the greatest movie series ever (the originals only) with horror and fear.

Good going parents.

You suck.

Source: Unrealty

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