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I am a Pepsi drinker. This is due in a large part because my mom was one when I was growing up. But sometimes I wonder if my taste-buds got shafted simply because there wasn’t a whole lot of selection out there.

Oh sure you’ve got your root beer, your ginger-ale and your regular colas, but if you look at the label you’ll notice that they all seem to be manufactured either by Pepsi or Coke (hell, even water is made in their plants).

But what if you wouldn’t mind tasting something a bit different, like maybe a soda made from rose petals, or a cucumber soda that tastes like summer?

Where the hell do you go?

Well, how about Galco’s Soda Pop Stop (5702 York Boulevard Los Angeles, CA) which has over 500 varieties of soda from around the world? (I know, I know you live in Minnesota and can’t get there by noon, but don’t worry, you can always order the pop online HERE).

The world of pop is more diverse than any you might have thought, and the cultural significance of flavors in soda can tell more about a country than a guidebook (yes, it’s that amazing).

After the break is a short film about Galco’s and why soda pop is actually a product that can make you happy.

Now, if you excuse me, I’m going to order a case of that Rose Petal Soda. I have a feeling it’s gonna knock my socks off.

Source: Odd Stuff Magazine

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