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I am lucky in that I was alive and kicking during the start of the video game console revolution. Channel F, Telstar, Intellivision, Atari…you name it, we had it.

And by God, we played it.

Which is why, when I watch my nephews play with their games, I wish I could convey the awesomeness that I felt slipping in a game cartridge (the size of my palm) into my console, flipping the switch in the back of the television to channel 4, and sitting down to graphics so fantastically cutting edge (back in ’81) that they blew away your mind.

But alas, I can only show them the following video and hope that someday they can appreciate how far we’ve come in gaming.

And how, they will never beat me at River Raid…ever.

That’s better left to Original Gamers Yo.

Source: Neatorama

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