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The New Trailer For DEAD SUSHI Reminds Us That Seafood Can Kill

There are some movies that make you cock your head to the side and go “huh?” Dead Sushi is one of those movies.

Noboru Igushi, the same guy that directed Machine Girl and RoboGeisha, has been working on his latest project and has recently made a big addition to the cast. According to Twitch, Rina Takeda(High Kick Girl) will have the lead in this new movie. Her role will be that of a girl who leaves her home mainly to get away from her sushi chef father who is constantly disapproving. After she takes a job in a resort inn, evil terrible things start happening and somehow sushi is involved.

We’ve already shown you the trailer a while ago, but we have some new still from the movie, and we’ll show you that trailer one more time.

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