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(Video) GAME OF THRONES (review)

If we are strictly going by the phrase that, “in the Game of Thrones you win or you die”, then it’s tough to say, but the video game is dead.

The story seems pretty good, and there a some good elements of gameplay, but there are many continuity issues and flaws that could have been avoided.

But hey, this is just what I think.

The basic storyline of the game is that you play as “two former soldiers…who must reunite to face a new and deadly threat to the Seven Kingdoms.” Hardcore fans of the books might like this because it gives an even deeper look into the universe that Martin has created. People new to the series may find it a bit of a chore.

The game is not bad, but it’s also not good.

It’s worse.  It’s just average.

You start with a basic RPG training mission that most games like this have.

You are sent as Mors Westford along with a new group of nights watch recruits to find a deserter who must be found and killed. Those are the rules and they cannot be fought.

Getting a sense for the fighting happens quickly. You are given the option of adding three attacks at a time. There is the basic attack and then special attacks and defenses that you add by triggering a time pause that lets you think more strategically about what you are going to do next. Nothing really new so far compared to other RPGs.

One thing I don’t like is the fact that there is no basic defense button. Only attack and recharge your specials. If you’ve set a certain type of stance to fight you might have a good defense special but you can only use about three of those before you have to recharge and that leaves you vulnerable.

Long story short, I’m not great at RPG’s and I died quite a few times. You’re probably better than me though.

When you are playing as Mors you are also given the chance to control his dog because he is a skin shifter. Later on, this means that there are missions where you play as the dog who is basically just a mirror of Mors. He is mean and sneaky, but loyal and an important part of the Night’s Watch.

One of the early missions has you using the dog to track a scent which is interesting, but not exactly riveting game play.

When you are not a ranger of the Night’s Watch, you are Alester Sarwyk, the eldest son of the Sarwyk clan, the royal family of Riverspring.

After going into exile for many years he returns to pay his respects to his dead father. He has become a Red Priest and with his faith in R’hllor he can control fire. Admittedly that is a pretty cool aspect that’s not used enough. After helping to calm a rebellion, he is seen as the lord of the town, though he needs to meet with the queen to make it official.

The story was written in conjunction with George RR Martin which, in this case, appears to be nothing more than him skimming what they wrote and giving it the ok.

The problem with this is that before you start the game you probably already have expectations.

As a fan of the show myself, I found that it fell short of what I was expecting and in some places it just seemed like it was rushed to be put out.

In cut-scenes, the graphics are still decent but nothing visually impressive and only seems to confirm that the game was released too soon.  There are minor glitches that are very noticeable. The camera isn’t very good and jumps around during combat, which it not helpful. There are also things that you expect in most games like characters walking through doors, the mouth movements are all wrong and finishing scenes and the actual fighting all seem just a little bit sloppy.

In short, it looks like it’s about a generation behind when it comes to graphics.

Moving past the looks of the game we can get to actual story and playing the game. There are many games from the past that had terrible graphics, compared to today’s games, but they are still great to play simply because they played well and had a good story. The only compelling thing about Game Of Thrones is that you want to know how it ends.

It doesn’t exactly keep you on your toes and certain parts are predictable. That being said it’s not completely dull and still has that Martin-esque quality that explains why his fan base continues to grow.

I think one of the best parts about this game was the art book that came with the preview unit I got. It was also given to those that pre-ordered the game.

Of course the game couldn’t look exactly like the stunning art in the book, but if it came anything close, I could at least say this game looked amazing. If you like art and game of thrones this is actually something you should look for, it has character designs, early sketches and full paintings of the cities and a few pages that show the entire development of the key players.

The difficult part about this game is decided where it’s coming from.

It has characters that are seen in the show, but references people from the books that haven’t been seen on screen yet, if they even decide to include them in the show.  The story takes place in a few areas that we’ve seen in the series, including Castle Black, King’s Landing and The North. There are also some new places like Riverspring which was created specifically just for the game. Some characters, Lord Mormont, Varys, and Cersei Lannister, are included in the game with the actors likenesses and voices being used as well.

Unfortunately, the remaining voice work is flat and the dialogue dull.  Better voice work would have certainly elevated the game, but instead it becomes another contributing factor to it’s mediocrity.

It’s difficult to say this is a bad game. I had some fun with it but it was a let down. I was expecting a lot more for a title with this much clout.  You’ll get a good 30+ hours of gameplay out of it.

If you’re a fan of the Game Of Thrones, give this game a chance, but don’t come into it expecting to have your mind blown.  Perhaps with a stronger budget and better voice acting it would have been a bit more impressive. 

The Good:

  • Easy controls during gameplay, weapons and skills are easy to change.
  • Not overly complicated.
  • Decent storyline that feels like it would fit in with the other stories.
  • No need to know all the background from the books/show.

 The Not So Good:

  • Voice Acting
  • Story is long and overly dialogue based. Very little action.
  • Menus are difficult and try to be unconventional when it’s unnecessary.
  • Graphics are glitchy and unpolished (Though very good at certain points).

Final Verdict:

  • Rent it (Then play a few hours and see if it’s the type of story you really want to get into, you’ll know after hour three.)
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