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WATCH CHUCK NORRIS As Chuck Norris In ‘Chuck Norris’ (This Movie Has Been Roundhouse Kick Approved)

Here is a Buddhist koan for you to meditate over: Nobody really likes Chuck Norris yet we like Chuck Norris…why?

I know, mind-blowing isn’t it?

Having spent a great deal of time writing about Chuck Norris I have to say that I have never once sat through any of his movies and come away feeling good about mankind, and yet, I will continue to watch them knowing the outcome (except for Forest Warrior where Chuck Norris turns into a bear, that was something I was not expecting).

I guess Chuck Norris really is that frakking powerful.

Which is why the next logical stop on the Norris train would be a movie that is simply about Chuck Norris being Chuck Norris as he saves America from whatever.

And you know what? I am going to watch that film no matter how filled with self-loathing it makes me.

Because no one can fight Chuck Norris without losing a piece of their humanity.

Source: Vulture

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