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BOOK REPORT: Book News For The Week of July 22, 2012

Author Spamming 
Joe Friedlander discusses the pitfalls of being a new author wanting to promote his or her book and what constitutes spamming.

When Good Reads Goes Bad 
Good Reads has become quite the popular place for info and commentary
about books around the world.  But sometimes this can be taken advantage
of, especially by one of its senior librarians.

Your Ereader is a Spy 
Agent Rachel Gardner presents an interesting blog post on the Wall Street Journal article about ereaders being able to track and quantify ereaders’ reading and purchasing habits.

Digital Imprints Take Root 
Publishers are finally looking into a new avenue of e-edition-only publishing imprints.

The Best Stephen King Books 
In a recent reader’s poll, Publisher’s Weekly had readers vote for their favorite Stephen King books and then rank them.

How We Lost Bookshops Thanks to Amazon and Publishers 
In a recent article on The Daily Beast, Tim Waterstone talks about how Amazon and publishers brought the end of many bookstores.

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