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Well, we are heading into the dog days of Summer and the kids are getting bored and bitchy so lets give them something to occupy themselves with for at least a few hours shall we?

(That way at least you can have a few margaritas and remember what it was like to enjoy a Summer’s day without children)

So this project comes from a lovely crafter named Amanda and features the cast of The Avengers as bookmarks, which is so simple that you could probably talk your hell-spawn into making several sets to give away during the holidays, thus negating your need to spend money on gifts for people you don’t really like anyway.

The only supplies you need on hand are: Popsicle sticks, a black Sharpie, paint pens and a pencil.

Yep, that’s it and you’re good for a couple of hours of peace.

For the complete tutorial (with pictures) click HERE.

Source: Geek Crafts

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