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MAN INTERVIEWS HIS Twelve-Year-Old Self And Finds His Pre-Teen Likeness Annoying

If man had the ability to go back in time many of us claim we would try to prevent certain disasters, save particular family members and generally change a personal trauma in history.

If I had the power to return to any time in the past I would do what Jeremiah McDonald did and talk to my 12-year-old self (in order to explain in great detail why it is important for her to save those pristine copies of National Lampoon magazine instead of keeping them stacked in a moist garage).

That’s all.

Now, I could probably go the altruistic route and try and stop the cancellation of my favorite TV show Doctor, Doctor so that others could experience the wonders of Matt Frewer comedy but I think sticking to the whole “No awesome mags in the garage” thing is enough of a challenge.

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