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AN OPEN LETTER To People Who Knit Hats For Their Dog

Hello fellow dog lover with a lot of yarn,

I just wanted to take a minute and talk about your need to use your knitting talents to humiliate and terrorize your four-legged companion cube.

Now I know that your original intention was strictly honorable (knit a hat for your pooch) but then you had to go and create an Etsy store so that people would buy your hats and force other dogs to sport a jaunty skunk head that your own pup can barely stand:

Look into the eyes of your pug Knitter of Shame and truly see what it does to the self-esteem of an animal. Do you see happiness? (no) Do you see suicidal tendencies? (absolutely).

While you might approach this particular trade as pet-friendly, understand that dogs and other domesticated animals have a lovely coat of fur that covers their noggin, encasing it the ultimate do-rag headgear, so they don’t really need a hat seeing that evolution has already figured out the fur thing.

And when you try and improve upon what nature has already created, what we are left with is this:

And no one, especially your dog, wants to have evidence that something this evil exists.

So, for the love on dog balls, focus your energy of people hats instead.

Thank you.

Source: Incredible Things

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