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Marc Ecko is primarily known for his fashion brand, but he also is the producer of the upcoming game Dexter: The Game 2.

Based on the Showtime series, Ecko Code has put together an open world game, set in Miami and built on the Unity platform meaning that it’s coming to iOS, Android, PC and possibly even Xbox Live and the Playstation Network.

Marc took some time out to discuss the the game, fashion and what else he’s been up to.

Walking towards Ecko I noticed two things on a small red ottoman.

In a blood box was a beautiful watch inspired by Dexter.  Silver with an elastic metal band, Ecko tells me it’s based on the watch that Dexter was given by his father, Harry. A subtle red stripe around the outside and a movement that moves the numbers rather than having hands.  Unfortunately, this was just a prototype and won’t be available until the Fall.

The other item was a giant diamond-encrusted behemoth of a watch with Boba Fett’s colors and bounty hunter logo, which represented another one of Ecko’s licenses, Star Wars.  With plans to create some Dexter inspired clothing, Ecko’s Comic-Con visit was his first with his fashion brand.  “I love Comic-Con and getting to play with pop culture branding.”  Additional licensed tie-ins under Ecko’s label include Halo and Batman.

Ecko decided to make the second Dexter game something completely different, yet staying true to the loyal audience who enjoy the show and the first game, with a focus on, “making great gameplay.”

The game follows a procedural, with additional content that will be added at a later date.

Players have the opportunity to either follow the story mode or go the completely open route which allows you to do most anything and it will create killers that you need to find, stalk, capture, and kill.

The most vital thing is keeping your cover and like Ecko said “if you blow your cover, that’s it. Game over.”

You still have to follow Harry’s Law, the code of conduct that Dexter follows meaning that you can’t kill random people.

I asked if you could kill innocents and he replied that,  “(Killing innocents) would be completely out of line for the character, it’s something he would never do.” He then added, “But if you do end up revealing your Dark Passenger, you do have to fight and prevent anyone from finding out what you really are.”

Dexter 2 is a completely new story that was created just for the game and although Ecko is collaborating with Showtime on the game, he doesn’t know much about the upcoming season.

“The network is being very tight lipped”.

His best guess? “There’s gonna be a shit storm.”

Ecko believes that with the strength of the game, it could possibly go to consoles, but as of right now there are no plans for that. He specifically said that iOS is great for indie developers who want to reach a wide audience. Dexter is the type of character that we enjoy watching because, “we are able to rationalize what he is doing and when there is a valid kill it gives us a sense of justice.”

Ecko noted that Dexter wouldn’t be Dexter without his voice, and Michael C. Hall did some pretty extensive voice work for the game.

Dexter The Game 2 arrives this Fall and will be available via the App Store, Android Marketplace, and on the PC.
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